DragonComp 2000

As with most other doors leading off the Hallway, this one takes you into a small room where the competition organizer is explaining the premise of their particular competition and displaying the results. In this case, it is the ever-present David Cornelson who has the floor, discussing his DragonComp:

"I know Adam Cadre has the dino-comp going on right now, but I thought it would be cool to dispell the notion that a cool or funny game cannot be written with dragons. So, the premise is to write a short game about one or more dragons and make it as funny as possible."

At the Bottom of the Garden
An Interactive Horticultural Fantasy (Featuring Dragons)
Play "At the Bottom of the Garden"
Copyright © 2000 by Adam Biltcliffe.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

Dragon George and the Man
A Dragon Comp Entry and...
An Interactive Adam Aggravation (In Three Acts)
Play "Dragon George and the Man"
Copyright © 2000 by Marnie Parker.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

An Interactive Petulance
Play "Dragon!"
Copyright © 2000 by Adam Thornton.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

Here Be Dragons!!!
DragonComp Entry
Play "Here Be Dragons!!!"
Copyright © 2000 by Gunther Schmidl.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

The Damsel and the Dragon
A tale of Mythical Creatures and High Romance
Play "The Damsel and the Dragon"
Copyright © 2000 by Richard Bos.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

The Last Laugh
An Interactive Retaliation
Play "The Last Laugh"
Copyright © 2000 by David A. Cornelson.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Note: Play this game after you play Adam Thornton's "Dragon!".