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Main Lobby

You have entered a grand lobby. Massive marble columns along the walls become great curving arches that meet at the center of the ceiling, far overhead. Tall windows between the columns let in beams of sunlight that settle on the beautifully patterned marble floor. Also between the columns are comfortable benches, giving people a place to sit and relax. At one end of the room is a large, multi-tier fountain cascading into a goldfish pond, giving a pleasant atmosphere to the whole room. A large banner hangs down over the center of the lobby:

  265 games in 48 categories!  

Behind you are the heavy wooden doors through which you entered. Straight ahead is a pair of elegant wood and glass doors, leading into what appears to be a small room, nicely finished with wood panels. Above the doorway is an intricate cast-iron sign reading "Games". A polished brass voice tube labeled "webmaster@ifiction.org" is mounted on one wall of the lobby, and runs up through the ceiling, presumably to offices upstairs.

People come and go around you, wandering to and from various parts of the building. Someone has carelessly left a newspaper in a heap on a bench. On one side of the room stands a kiosk, with which you can search the building's tenants.

In the corner of the room is a large granite boulder with a brass plaque bolted to it. The plaque reads:

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