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Quotes about the site

  • "Fascinating site. You have done the IF world a great service here. Really neat!"
    - Scott Adams, Scott Adams Grand Adventures, 25 Sep 2000.

  • "Dave Walton and Curt Zirzow of Ifiction.org have done a marvelous thing: they've made text adventures playable through the web. Mind you, they're not the first to do this. There used to be a CGI interface to Adventure, but it doesn't seem to be around any more, and the system used was not easily generalizable to other text adventures. Then there's Zplet, a Java applet-based Z-code interpreter, but it actually downloads the game and runs it on the client side, which kind of robs the idea of its practicality (cool though it is). Ifiction.org genuinely has a generalized system for playing text adventures through a web interface on their server, without downloading more than a screenful of text and a few k of state at a time."
    - Carl Muckenhoupt, Baf's Guide, Sep 2000.

  • "Best of the Net"
    "Like playing interactive fiction online, but Java on your machine is more unstable than a one-legged man on an unicycle? Now you have a new option: iFiction.org. Dave Walton has made an HTML front-end for the z-machine, one which is thus accessible from most any browser, including text-based ones like Lynx."
    - Stephen Granade, Interactive Fiction Guide, 7 Aug 2000.

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