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Z-machine FAQs

Q: How can I save my game?
A: All the game state is embedded in the HTML of each page. All you need to do is save the current page to a file on your local computer. When you are ready to continue your game, simply open that file in your browser and continue where you left off.
Google Chrome users: By default, Chrome saves pages as type "Webpage, Complete". When it does that, it modifies the page in a way that breaks your ability to continue the game. But if you choose type "Webpage, HTML Only" it saves the page unmodified, so continuing your game should work fine.

Q: How can I undo a move?
A: Our Z-machine engine does not currently support the "undo" command. However, it really doesn't need to. Just use the "Back" button on your browser to back up as many steps as you wish!

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