Scott Adams Classic Adventures

You have entered a small office on one side of the store. In one corner stands a beautiful wood desk with a Tiffany lamp on it. The man sitting at the desk is "Scott Adams, Proprietor", according to the name plate on his desk. He appears to be busy working on the Scott Adams Grand Adventures website.

An Interactive Classic by Scott Adams
Play "Adventureland"
Copyright © 1978 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You wander through an enchanted world trying to recover the 13 lost treasures. You'll encounter wild animals, magical beings, and many other perils and puzzles. Can you rescue the Blue Ox from the quicksand? Or find your way out of the maze of pits? Happy Adventuring...

Ghost Town
Play "Ghost Town"
Copyright © 1981 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You must explore a once-thriving mining town in search of the 13 hidden treasures. With everything from rattlesnakes to runaway horses, it sure ain't going to be easy! Includes a special bonus scoring system too!

Mini-Adventure Sampler
Play "Mini-Adventure Sampler"
Copyright © 1979 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Welcome to Adventure International's Mini-Adventure Sampler! This is a small but complete Adventure. You must find the 3 hidden Treasures and store them away!

Mission Impossible / Impossible Mission / Secret Mission
Play "Mission Impossible / Impossible Mission / Secret Mission"
Copyright © 1979 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Time is of the essence as you race the clock to complete your mission - if you fail, the world's first automated nuclear reactor is doomed. So, tread lightly and don't forget your bomb detector! If you survive this challenging mission, consider yourself a true Adventurer.
From IFDB link above: "WARNING! The Z-Code conversion of this game can easily become unwinnable, due to a faulty conversion."

Mystery Fun House / Fun House Mystery
Play "Mystery Fun House / Fun House Mystery"
Copyright © 1981 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Can you find your way completely through the strangest Fun House in existance, or will you always be kicked out when the park closes?

Pirate Adventure / Pirate's Cove
Play "Pirate Adventure / Pirate's Cove"
Copyright © 1979 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
'Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...' You'll meet up with the pirate and his daffy bird along with many strange sights as you attempt to go from your London flat to Treasure Island. Can you recover Long John Silver's lost treasures? Happy sailing, matey...

Pyramid of Doom
Play "Pyramid of Doom"
Copyright © 1981 by Alvin Files, Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
This is an Adventure that will transport you to a dangerous land of crumbling ruins and trackless desert wastes into the PYRAMID OF DOOM! Jewels, gold -- it's all here for the plundering -- IF you can find the way.

Questprobe #1: The Hulk
Play "Questprobe #1: The Hulk"
Copyright © 1984 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
The Hulk gets taken to a surreal otherworld for his testing by the Chief Examiner, and must find a way to survive in this alien environment while collecting a number of Gems. Noteworthy if only for the sheer number of times a certain command must be used.

Questprobe #2: Spiderman
Play "Questprobe #2: Spiderman"
Copyright © 1984 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
It's the amazing Spiderman's turn to be tested by the mysterious Chief Examiner. The offices of the Bugle have been taken over by some of Spidey's most famous adversaries, and it's up to him to get the presses rolling again.

Return to Pirate's Island
Play "Return to Pirate's Island"
Copyright © 1983 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
This game is as tricky and devious as the mind of Scott Adams gets. A treasure hunt in the same vein as its predecessor, it incorporates some of the more interesting effects Scott achieved using his system. Knowledge of "Pirate Adventure" is essential.

Savage Island, Part I
Play "Savage Island, Part I"
Copyright © 1982 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
A small island holds an awesome secret -- will you be able to discover it? This is the beginning of a two-part Adventure.
NOTE: This one's a toughie -- for experienced Adventurers only!
From IFDB link above: "WARNING! The Z-Code conversion of this game is certifiably unwinnable, due to a faulty conversion."

Savage Island, Part II
Play "Savage Island, Part II"
Copyright © 1982 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
The suspense begun in Part I now comes to an incredible conclusion with SAVAGE ISLAND PART II! This Adventure requires you to have successfully finished Part I, wherein you were given the secret password to begin this final half.
NOTE: For experienced Adventurers only!

Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
Play "Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle"
Copyright © 1984 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Long ago, in times passed beyond remembrance, Solon the Master Wizard and wearer of the Secret Cloak lost the 13 Stars of Power. The grasping Vileroth believed the Stars to be the only source of Solon's expert wizardry. But, unbeknownst to Vileroth, it was the Secret Cloak that controlled the Stars and protected the wearer from their awesome powers. Unable to master the Stars, Vileroth was undone.
In his final days, as Vileroth's strength slipped from him, he concealed the 13 Stars of Power within the Castle of Claymorgue, determined that no one save he should possess them. Solon, learning of Vileroth's destruction, despatches his faithful young apprentice Beanwick to retrieve the Stars.
"Tread carefully, O Beanwick! Would that I could assume this quest myself, but alas, I can only send with you these few spells. Claymorgue Castle harbors further spells, but beware -- one unskilled in the arts cannot predict their outcome."

Strange Odyssey
Play "Strange Odyssey"
Copyright © 1981 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Marooned at the edge of the galaxy, you've stumbled on the ruins of an ancient alien civilization complete with fabulous treasures and unearthly technologies. Can you collect the treasures and return or will you end up marooned forever?

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Play "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai"
Copyright © 1985 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Buckaroo Banzai, a neurosurgeon, rock star and more, must try to fix a jet car that can drive him into the 8th dimension.

The Count
Play "The Count"
Copyright © 1981 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You wake up in a large brass bed in a castle somewhere in Transylvania. Who are you, what are you doing here, and WHY did the postman deliver a bottle of blood? You'll love this ADVENTURE, in fact, you might say it's Love at First Byte...
NOTE: There is a bug in this game. When you are in the dumbwaiter, it doesn't show your location or exits. You can use "go room" to exit the dumbwaiter. Moving the dumbwaiter is left as an exercise for the reader.

The Golden Voyage
Play "The Golden Voyage"
Copyright © 1982 by Scott Adams, William Demas.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have only three days to bring back the elixir needed to rejuvenate him. Journey through the lands of magic fountains, sacred temples, stormy seas and gold, gold, GOLD! This one is for experienced Adventurers only!

Voodoo Castle
Play "Voodoo Castle"
Copyright © 1980 by Scott Adams.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Count Cristo has had a fiendish curse put on him by his enemies. There he lies, with you his only hope. Will you be able to rescue him or is he forever doomed? Beware the Voodoo man...