Interpreter Abuse

You have reached a sub-level, buried deep beneath the building. The armored doors of the Elevator close behind you with a solid thud. A security guard, who is clearly a battle-hardened Marine, checks you into the log and issues you a visitor's badge with a fingerprint for identification. He warns you that if you lose it, you will be unable to leave this floor.

As he escorts you through a series of security devices, including retina scanners, hand geometry scanners, and man-traps, it slowly dawns on you that all this security is designed to keep people in, not out. When queried, the guard confirms your suspicion. "This facility was constructed to protect society from those incarcerated here. Our residents have performed deeds so perverse that they cannot be allowed contact with the unsuspecting world above."

When you finally arrive in the cellblock, you are amazed at what you see. It is a large round room, several stories tall, with balconies ringing the room at each level. The circular wall is lined with cells from floor to ceiling. An enclosed guard tower stands in the middle of the room, positioned to have an unobstructed view into every cell. The guards patrolling the room are dressed in full riot gear.

Your escort explains that everything in the room is controlled remotely from the tower, including inmate suppression devices built into every cell. You can't help but ask if all this is really necessary. "Yes, Sir! There are even some whose perversions are so heinous that we have to keep them in a separate facility, under even tighter security." You press him for details, but he just mutters something about "Space Invaders" and quickly changes the subject. He appears shaken by the very thought, and refuses to elaborate.

ASCII Cars!!!
A game of racing with the imagination
Play "ASCII Cars!!!"
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Life or Death
An Interactive Biological Interaction
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Reversi for the Z-Machine
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Another abuse of the Z-Machine
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Super Z Trek
Star Trek for the Z Machine
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Public domain by John Menichelli.
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An, uh, Interactive Demonstration
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A not-very-interactive journey into "AI" (honest :)
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Public domain 1996 by Julian Arnold.
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Yet another abuse of the Z-Machine
Play "Zombies"
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A mis-use of not insignificant proportions
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Copyright © 1998 by Gevan Dutton.
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