SpeedIF 7

At this table in the Row you meet Mark J. Musante. Mark is setting up the SpeedIF 7 competition, and sets the time limit at two hours. He then explains the premise:

"You're a stowaway on an oil tanker in the North Atlantic. Questions to consider: why are you there? Are you trying to stop a dastardly plot? Are you trying to start one? How did you get on board? Who's the pretty birdie then? (just kidding) Bonus objects: a lump of clay, a cheerleader's pompom, a photograph of the loch ness monster, a bottle of Dr Pepper, and tomorrow's newspaper today."

Sinking the Lily Jane
Play "Sinking the Lily Jane"
Copyright © 1999 by Ryan N. Freebern.
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Tanker and Webb
SpeedIF 7 entry
Play "Tanker and Webb"
Copyright © 1999 by Andrew Frederiksen.
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Tears Keep Getting In My Dr. Pepper
An Even Lamer Speedif (7) Game
Play "Tears Keep Getting In My Dr. Pepper"
Copyright © 1999 by Marnie Parker.
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The Oily Deeps
An Interactive Accident-Waiting-to-Happen
Play "The Oily Deeps"
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