SpeedIF 4

At this table in the Row you find the SpeedIF 4 competition. You ask a contestant about the premise, and he responds,

"Write a game in 90 minutes with 3 rooms and a bathroom, an onion, on top of the Eiffel Tower, with Nostradamus."

Digging for Onions
Play "Digging for Onions"
Copyright © 1999 by Christopher Huang.
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FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming
Or 'Eeeagh! Alien INVADERS made me a FUGATIVE by starting a WAR OF THE WORLDS on INDEPENDANCE DAY'
Play "FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming"
Copyright © 1999 by "DorianX".
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
SpeedIF 4 -- Not to be taken seriously.
By DorianX, but I'll deny it if you ask.

Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich
SpeedIF 4
Play "Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich"
Copyright © 1999 by David A. Cornelson.
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An Interactive lack of sense
Play "OnNoEf"
Copyright © 1999 by Unknown.
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Tears May Fall
Play "Tears May Fall"
Copyright © 1999 by Ryan N. Freebern.
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The Profesee
Play "The Profesee"
Copyright © 1999 by Dan Schmidt.
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