I-Comp 1999

You could hear the commotion from this room while you were still out in the Hallway. Now that you are inside, you can see what the noise was about. Michael Gentry is in the midst of calling out the winners of his No-Inventory competition. You listen for a moment.

"For the benefit of the roughly 99.8% of you out there who have absolutely no memory of this comp whatsoever, the point of I-Comp was to write a functional game with absolutely no inventory whatsoever, by whatever design mechanic you could conceive of. My more-or-less exact words were: "If, at any point, I can type 'I' and get a response other than 'You are empty-handed', your game will be disqualified." This turned out to have some bearing."

Annoyed Undead
An inventoryless adventure
Play "Annoyed Undead"
Copyright © 1999 by Roger Ostrander.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
I-Comp 1999: 1st place
You've awakened from a refreshing 500-year nap. Someone, without so much as a by-your-leave, has built a church over your crypt. Very trying for a hungry vampire.

An Interactive, well, Camping Trip
Play "Camping!"
Copyright © 1999 by Gunther Schmidl.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
I-Comp 1999: 2nd place
An interactive, well, camping trip. See if you can solve it in more than two moves.

Downtown Tokyo, Present Day
Play release 1 (original IFComp 1998 entry)
Play release 2
Copyright © 1998, 2000 by John Kean.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Competition 1998: 10th place
I-Comp 1999: 3rd place
In this game you actually play two people - one is the real you, sitting in the dark in a movie theatre, and the other is the hero of the film that you are watching.
Originally conceived for Adam Cadre's infamous Chicken-Comp of June 1998 (spot the chicken-crossing-the-road).