DinoComp 2000

You enter from the Hallway just as Adam Cadre finishes his presentation about DinoComp. You've missed the explanation of the premise, but from the looks of the games it certainly has something to do with dinosaurs.

A Dino's Night Out
An Interactive Silliness
Play "A Dino's Night Out"
Copyright © 2000 by Aris Katsaris.
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A Stegosaur's Night Out, or, The Taming of a Brat.
An Interactive Revenge Comedy
Play "A Stegosaur's Night Out, or, The Taming of a Brat."
Copyright © 2000 by Quentin D. Thompson.
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An Important Appointment
An Interactive Court Date
Play "An Important Appointment"
Copyright © 2000 by Jennifer Earl.
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a dinosaur minicomp game
Play "d2d"
Copyright © 2000 by Simon Lamont.
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Dino Hunt
A Prehistoric Safari
Play "Dino Hunt"
Copyright © 2000 by Admiral Jota.
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Dinosaur Dinnertime!
A Day in the Life of A Tyrannosaurus Rex
Play "Dinosaur Dinnertime!"
Copyright © 2000 by David Clysdale.
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An interactive search for meanings.
Play "Encryptment"
Copyright © 2000 by Taro Ogawa.
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Interactive Fiction
Play release 1 (original DinoComp entry)
Play release 2
Copyright © 2000 by Robb Sherwin.
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A Non-Y2K-Compliant Completely Stupid DinoComp Entry
Play "ROWR!"
Copyright © 19100 by Gunther Schmidl.
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Very Old Dog
A Jurassic Housebreaking
Play "Very Old Dog"
Copyright © 2000 by Tony Delgado.
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Why did the Dino cross the Road?
A Barely Interactive Dino-comp Combination (what is it with all these Interactives, anyway)?
Play "Why did the Dino cross the Road?"
Copyright © 2000 by Richard Bos.
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