ChickenComp 1998

From the Hallway you heard loud clucking noises coming from this room. Now you know why. The room is full of people telling chicken jokes, and some of the more imbalanced participants are even doing chicken impressions. Adam Cadre is busy hanging a poster on one wall. With morbid curiosity, you wander over and read it:

"This is a call for tiny games by anyone who would like to contribute. The theme of the game should be:


Do anything you like with this theme. A first-person "you are the chicken" approach is fine; a game set in a cafe where a pretentious grad student compares road-crossing chickens to the plight of the proletariat in post-Marxist society is also fine. All I ask is that the chicken crossing the road should be readily apparent (please, no games about something entirely unrelated except for the fact that >XYZZY produces the response, "A hollow voice says, 'Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!'") and that the game be short. If you spend more than an afternoon or two on it, you're missing the point."

Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?
An Interactive Stroke of Luck (or is it?)
Play "Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?"
Copyright © 1998 by Mitchell Taylor.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You're trapped in a high-pressure game show with a five-foot chicken.

An out of yard experience.
Play "Behavior"
Copyright © 1998 by William J. Shlaer.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Early Sunday morning, but already light when you wake. The desperate push to complete your thesis on the nocturnal performance of chickens has again foundered on the nocturnal performance of graduate students.

Chicken and Egg
An Interactive Potboiler
Play "Chicken and Egg"
Copyright © 1998 by Adam Thornton.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
A pastiche of "Spider and Web", which see.

A Journey in Three Clucks
Play "Chicken!"
Copyright © 1998 by Gunther Schmidl.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
There's this chicken, see, and this road...

Chickens of Distinction (or, "It Takes a Tough Man to Make a Tender Chicken")
An Interactive Humiliation
Play "Chickens of Distinction"
Copyright © 1998 by Liza Daly.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You find yourself in a cheezy chicken suit, working for the minimum coin outside a fast-food joint. Can things get worse? Well, you can't find North ...

Hey, I'm Supposed to be Free Range
A chicken's lament
Play "Hey, I'm Supposed to be Free Range"
Copyright © 1998 by Adam Cadre.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Crossing the road just got a lot tougher. All these damn traffic cones. You're amazed ...

A chicken's tale.
Play "Orpington"
Copyright © 1998 by William J. Shlaer.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Sunday noon. Barbara has gone inside the farmhouse carrying wood for the stove. Farmer Bill is standing outside sharpening his axe and looking hungry. Your beady little eyes take all this in. You stop pecking at the corn.

Pollo y Camino, a.k.a. "Chicken and Road"
An Interactive Epiphany
Play "Pollo y Camino, a.k.a. "Chicken and Road""
Copyright © 1998 by Jay Goemmer.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
There's a chicken. And a road. But who are you?

Interactive Fiction
Play "Saied"
Copyright © 1998 by Robb Sherwin.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
She's dumped you, and the first problem is getting out of bed.

The Chicken Under the Window
An Interactive Farce
Play release 1 (original ChickenComp entry)
Play release 2
Copyright © 1998 by Lucian Paul Smith.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
A pastiche of sorts of The Space Under the Window. Get the chicken across the road.

The Lesson of the Chicken
An interactive exercise in fowl play and poultry attempts at humor.
Play "The Lesson of the Chicken"
Copyright © 1998 by Rob Noyes.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Catch the chicken for dinner. Should be easy, it's already lost its head ...

The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?
An interactive road-crossing jape
Play "The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?"
Copyright © 1998 by Sam Barlow.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
You, too, must cross that road. If you want your girlfriend to ever speak to you again.

The X Chicken
A Chicken Comp IF Story
Play "The X Chicken"
Copyright © 1998 by David A. Cornelson.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Dang. Combined chicken/X-Files jokes. It just doesn't get any better than this.