Historical Classics

The elevator opens to reveal a clean, cool room with a single computer in it. That computer occupies most of the room. It consists of a number of large cabinets, most of which are festooned with blinking lights. A couple cabinets have reels of tape on their faces, and a couple more are topped with a stack of enormous hard drive platters. There is a door and window in the back wall. Through the window you can see that most of this floor is taken up by an air conditioning plant and power regulation equipment.

Along one wall are shelves holding more tape reels and drive platters. On either side of the door to the Elevator is a long table, each with a row of dumb terminals. Taped to the wall are several sheets of paper, with handwritten descriptions of the games that are running on the old machine.

Adventure (aka Colossal Cave)
The Interactive Original
Play original 1976 Crowther version
Play 350-point version (release 9)
Play Humongous Cave (1000-point version)
Play Humongous Cave hints system
Play Dutch translation (350-point version)
Play French translation (350-point version)
Play German translation (350-point version)
Play Lojban translation (350-point version)
Play Spanish translation (350-point version)
Play Swedish translation (350-point version)
Play 350-point version (release 5)
Copyright © 1973 by Will Crowther.
Copyright © 1977 by Don Woods.
Copyright © 1991 by Nick Nicholas (Lojban translation).
Copyright © 1992 by David Malmberg (Humongous Cave).
Copyright © 1993 by David M. Baggett (350-point reconstruction), Donald Ekman (350-point reconstruction).
Copyright © 1994 by Graham Nelson (350-point reconstruction).
Copyright © 1997 by José Luis Díaz (Spanish translation).
Copyright © 1998 by Toni Arnold (German translation).
Public domain 2002 by Martin Bays (Inform port of Lojban translation), Robin Lee Powell (Inform port of Lojban translation).
Copyright © 2002 by Yuri Robbers (Dutch translation).
Copyright © 2007 by Fredrik Ramsberg (Swedish translation).
Copyright © 2010 by Al Golden (Humongous Cave porting).
Copyright © 2015 by Chris Conley (Crowther version porting).
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
The adventure game that started it all, reconstructed by David M. Baggett to TADS, then ported to Inform by Graham Nelson. This game reconstructs the architecture of Bedquilt Cave that was discovered by the mulatto slave Stephen Bishop.

Welcome to ZORK.
Play "Dungeon"
Copyright © 1979 by Bruce Daniels, Dave Lebling, Marc Blank, Tim Anderson.
Copyright © 2000 by Activision, Inc.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
Welcome to Zork. Will the Circle be unbroken? ZDungeon is a port to Inform of the original Zork/Dungeon game written in MDL at MIT prior to the founding of Infocom. It comes straight from the original without any diversions through FORTRAN or C.

An Interactive Parroting
Play "Eliza"
Copyright © 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
A version of the "Eliza" psychiatric interview program. Alan Turing presumably spinning in his grave somewhere. From a Creative Computing magazine article. Originally described by Joseph Weizenbaum in "ELIZA -- A computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine", Communications of the ACM 9(1):36-45, 1966.

Hunt the Wumpus
Play "Hunt the Wumpus"
Copyright © 1972 by Gregory Yob.
Copyright © 1999 by Magnus Olsson (porting).
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)

Oregon Trail
Play 1975 version
Play 1978 Creative Computing version
Copyright © 1971 by Bill Heinemann, Don Rawitsch, Paul Dillenberger.
Copyright © 2016 by David Walton (porting).
This program simulates a trip over the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon in 1847. Your family of five will cover the 2000 mile Oregon Trail in 5-6 months --- if you make it alive.

Softporn Adventure
An Interactive Classic
Play "Softporn Adventure"
Copyright © 1984 by Chuck Benton.
IFDB Baf's Guide (archived)
The text adventure that became the first of Sierra's long-running "Leisure Suit Larry."