You've been hacking at this silly game for weeks, and now that the pressure's on, with the competition deadline only a few days away, you figured an all- nighter would be just the thing. But as the bugs pile up, and the clock ticks on, the notion of completion looks more and more distant... Calliope An Interactive Obtrusion by J McIntosh (first-time players should type 'about'.) Release 1 / Serial number 991001 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 Living Room (on the seedy office chair) You amuse yourself to think of this as your living room. Technically, if you have to demarcate it from the rest of your apartment, it is that-which-is-not- the-bathroom-or-kitchen. And, really, especially lately, you tend only to populate this corner of it, nested inside the crook of your computer desk, surrounded by all the gear that lies on and under it. *** MORE ***
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