Guard Duty
Working for Apex Lair Security Services, you've met all kinds of interesting people. As a matter of fact, Ornomir the Deathlord doesn't sound much different from several other clients whose treasure-laden underground lairs you've guarded in the past. He's richer than most of them, however, and very influential; Ornomir carries a lot of weight in the wealthy subterranean- complex-owning community. Do this job well, and if Ornomir puts in a good word for you it could mean a big promotion. On the other hand, mess things up and you can probably kiss your position good-bye. If there's one job that's important to your career, this is it. Then again, if Ornomir's so rich and so concerned about his treasures, he probably has all sorts of safeguards already in place to protect them, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Anyway, thinking too much about the potential consequences is only going to give you a headache; best to think about this is just another job and do your usual thorough work. So, after an uneventful journey, you arrive at Ornomir's door, ready for another relatively uneventful night of... *** MORE ***
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