Thorfinn's Realm
You are seated in front of the Timejumping Adventurer's Club (TAC) initiation committee, waiting for confirmation of your status as a full fledged member. The past few weeks have been grueling. First, there was the endless battery of physiological and psychological tests - you hope to never see a rubber-gloved hand again. Then there was the hefty initiation fee you had to fork over. This final meeting with the committee is just a formality, you were told; sign some papers, answer some questions and you're in. Strangely, your expressed eagerness to get the paperwork over with was met with laughter from the other TAC members. But these adventurers struck you as odd, anyway. Suddenly, a bright light is shone directly into your face and the Really Grand Adventurer leaves the committee table and approaches you. Is this an initiation or an interrogation, you wonder. His face inches from yours, the Really Grand Adventurer begins to speak. "You're under the impression that you're almost one of us, aren't you? Well, in one sense you are. Within ten minutes, your application will either be accepted or rejected. But it will take much longer to fulfill your final requirement. Confused? Beyond that door is a time machine, not a state of the art TAC model but functional for your purpose. You will take a predetermined course back in time. *** MORE ***
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