Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win
You, the venerable A, are touring some of the more remote buildings under your religion's control. Alas, all of the many good reasons for this undertaking escape you now. You're pestered, manipulated, beseeched and cajoled... and that just from every B, C, D and E who just happen to be in the neighborhood. The next sycophant who kisses your ring is going to get a bigger taste of it. The masses--wasn't this area supposed to be "remote"?--surround you nearly everywhere you go. The crowds are more than irritating, it's true. But you're experiencing a vague, unsettling feeling--you've had it since you arrived here and were shown the place (what they wanted you to see, at least) by the local Hierarchy--that is occupying your principal thoughts. You've been an A a long time, and you're confident of your intuitions. Disjointedly connected situations, deceptively revealing conversations, and frankly just a bad "feel"? There is definitely conspiracy afoot. If you guess correctly, there's a plan to eliminate you soon. Very soon. At the moment, you are stuck attending a formal service. The services you've *** MORE ***
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