Death to my Enemies
It was only seconds ago that the sound of a gunshot caught you off guard. Now, here you are, cradling your sidekick and friend, Snam, close to the ground. "Not Snam!!", you think to yourself, "After all he's done for me..." It was he who took care of your niece when your sister asked you to babysit. It was he that always let you win in Stratego. Now, in this final act of selflessness, he lies dying from a shot from Doctor Nova's gun, dying from the very bullet that was meant for you. Tears well up in your eyes when you think how Snam will never get that plant you got him for his birthday. You spent so much time picking it out and everything... Your attention is diverted by an evil chortle, and your gaze barely catches the blur of white as Doctor Nova runs out the door to the north. You'll pursue him soon enough, but for now, your attention returns to your fallen comrade. "Listen," Snam chokes out. "You gotta get that bastard." After these final words, his body promptly goes limp in your hands. You carefully lower him to the floor. "Oh, I'll get him alright," you growl to yourself as you turn towards the door. "I'll get him good." DEATH TO MY ENEMIES An Interactive Tale of Revenge *** MORE ***
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