Research Dig
Well, this can't be bad going. You've only been at the Archaeological Research Centre at Bradford for a few weeks, and you've already been given an assignment. OK, so it's not digging in the tombs of Egypt, but it's still a research dig. The Centre received a letter from a Mr Yeomans, the groundkeeper at St Mary's Church, next to Shelf Abbey. They found something while digging in the graveyard, and 'it looked old'. So you were sent. The taxi picked you up at the Railway Station. He now pulls up at a house, after about 20 minutes of driving. "OK luv, here you are," he says. "Don't worry about the fare, it's been taken care of." You step out, and as soon as you grab your bag, he speeds off. RESEARCH DIG Entry into the 1998 IF Competition Copyright (c) 1998 by Chris Armitage. Additional Ideas from Jaime Crossley. Release 1 / Serial number 980930 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 Outside the house *** MORE ***
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