Scooter (on the pilot's couch) Score: 0 Time: 3010 It's been ten years since your stationfall on Space Station Gamma Delta Gamma 777-G 59/59. Your heroics in saving the galaxy from the evil alien pyramid resulted in a big promotion, but your life of dull paperwork has been replaced by a life of dull people work: escorting ambassadors, high-ranking officers of the Stellar Patrol, and government officials; and inspecting starships and space stations. Today you find yourself in a space scooter bound for a space station to perform a spot check, and also deliver some radioactive isotopes for their reactor, using the scooter instead of the teleport in order to surprise everyone. You've been a bit delayed due to a diplomatic crisis on Omicron III and your scooter isn't equipped with communication equipment, so you are arriving unannounced. Hey, rank does have its privileges, and it is meant to be a spot check... SPACE STATION Inform interactive fiction -- a science fiction story by David Ledgard and the Online Inform Community Email: Planetfall (c) Activision, Inc. Permission to use courtesy of Activision, Inc. Not for commercial distribution Type HELP for help Release 2 / Serial number 040130 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 Scooter (on the pilot's couch) *** MORE ***
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