Friar Bacon's Secret
"Ah, Miles. Good thing you showed up. I need to talk to Bacon rather urgently. Scholar business, you know; nothing that a boorish, uneducated sloven like yourself would be interested in. Go and fetch him, will you?" Friar Bacon's Secret Or, The First Luddite Release 1 / Serial number 000831 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 S The Scholars' Garden This plot of earth is where the friars grow their herbs. Back in town, it's whispered that they grow mandrake and nightshade and such vile things to use in sorcerous potions, but that's just talk. Some of the herbs are good to eat, and others make simples for the sick, and that's an end to it. A trail south leads back to town, and the friars' rooms are just inside the small stone house to north. Friar Bungay is here, patiently pounding a stake into the soil with a sturdy mallet. *** MORE ***
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