All Quiet on the Library Front
Lobby Time: 3:00 pm You are a student at Anycollege, in Anytown, and it's the end of the semester! You've been slacking off all semester long, and it's catching up to you. That final paper is due for your Computer Science class ("The History of IF Games"), and you desperately need to check out a comprehensive book on Graham Nelson, one of the foremost authors of the obscure genre of interactive-fiction. You know there is exactly one such book, but you have no idea where it might be! The first time player should probably type "help". ALL QUIET ON THE LIBRARY FRONT An Interactive Vignette Release 1 / Serial number 950829 / Inform v1502 Library 5/11 Lobby This is the entrance to the library. There is the circulation desk, the card catalog, and security gates to prevent people from stealing books. Doors to the west lead to the book shelves, a door to the north is marked 'Private', and the exit is to the east. You can see a circulation desk attendant here. >
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