Health Inspector
You love your job. You are a crusader for justice. You descend on greasy spoons and fast food joints like an avenging angel, ready to reward the spotless and punish the squalid. Truth be told, you do a lot more punishing than rewarding. One things for sure: after what you've seen, you'll never eat out again. Health Inspector Copyright (c) 2000 by Joe Mason. Release 1 / Serial number 000728 / Inform v6.20 Library 6/10 SD Ho Lee Chow Today's assignment: Chinese food. Ick. Awful stuff. You can't wait to see what violations you can uncover here. The place itself seems fairly clean, at first glance. It's a small storefront place in a strip mall - just a big counter and two tables. Most of the business must be takeout. There's a swinging door leading to the kitchen, but it's guarded by a cook who looks like a sumo wrestler. On the counter is a menu. *** MORE ***
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