Garden of the Dragon
Long have you trekked (about twenty minutes) through nigh-impenetrable terrain (paved sidewalks) to finally reach your destiny (a Chinese restaurant). You've ordered take-out from this place countless times before (about three), and the food was absolutely horrid (really, really bad). And countless times your friends have told you with more than a hint of exasperation (that means of lot), "You fool! Their take-out is hideous, but if you get a table and order from the menu, you will find a meal fit for a king, or at least someone who likes pretty tasty food!" And so here you are. You have made a decision: you will get a table, and you will order hot and sour soup and egg foo yong, and you will know the truth. Garden of the Dragon An IF appetizer Copyright (c) 2000 by an Admiral Jota ( Freely copy. Release 1 / Serial number 000801 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 *** MORE ***
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