The Courier Who Missed Me
This is it. After months of anxiety, you finally tracked down the secret plans to a lady's clothing shop in Upper Sandusky. They were hidden in a pair of hand-eeze gloves, and you'd have ended the case right there if someone hadn't picked them up just before you got there. Now, the Courier (the Enemy isn't exactly too original when it comes to the henchmen's codenames ... or, in the Courier's case, henchwomen) has them, and you know he'll be delivering them today. You've tracked his contact, the Roman, to a phonebooth in a small side street just off West Avenue. You must stop contact from being made. It's now or never.... The Courier Who Missed Me Copyright (c) 1999 by Christopher Huang. Release 1 / Serial number 991122 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 West Avenue A busy street running from east to west. Several eighteen-wheelers rumble by, on their way either to or from the truck stop further down the street. That's *** MORE ***
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