The Devil Made Me Do It
On the Fence Temptations: 0 Sitting atop a small white picket fence, you watch the children play in their backyard. Behind you, is old Mr. Harkin's place, an odd place, with an odd owner. What evil might we do today? As the Devil himself, you never tire of creating havoc amongst the little souls of the world. The more innocent the victim, well, all the more satisfying. The Devil Made Me Do It An Interactive Fiction Morality Check by David A. Cornelson ( (Originally produced for SpeedIF #3) Release 2 / Serial number 000724 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 D On the Fence Sitting on top of a white picket fence, you can see several children playing in a backyard, and a larger yard behind you. You can get 'down' anytime you wish. >
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