The Six-Foot-Tall Man-Eating Chicken
You've been living in Rozwelle for years, working as the resident Paranormal Investigator. Your days are usually hectic, divided between UFO sightings, alien abductions, children with telepathic powers, extra-terrestrial bacteria, and the like. However, today you have a feeling that things will be even stranger than usual... As you walked into the office this morning, you heard your supervisor, Agent Dino Scaly, yelling at someone on the phone. It can only mean one thing: you've got a case today... THE SIX-FOOT-TALL MAN-EATING CHICKEN Copyright 1999 Ryan Freebern - Winner of David Cornelson's XComp (March 1999) Type 'ABOUT' for game information. Release 1 / Serial number 990323 / Inform v6.20 Library 6/8 S Office of Paranormal Investigation Your office is clean and tidy, just the way you like it. Fastened to your desk is a name-plate, which reads "Agent Socks Molder, Paranormal Investigation." The main room of the Police Station is to the east. You can see a desk (which is closed) here. *** MORE ***
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