The Damsel and the Dragon
Heroic. Chivalrous. Rescuer of Damsels. Words you would like to use to describe yourself. Well, now is your chance to prove that you can, for today you are confronted by... The Damsel and the Dragon A tale of Mythical Creatures and High Romance (c) 2000 Richard Bos (Type 'about' for the usual wibble.) Release 1 / Serial number 000414 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 Library This is apparently somebody's personal library. The east and south walls are covered in bookshelves; against the north wall, between two curtained windows, stands a large desk. On the desk, a small computer sits in the light that falls, filtered to a soft, book-friendly haze, through the curtains. The only exit is a door in the west wall, which is otherwise bare except for a large painting. A Damsel, who introduced herself as Elise, is here, in obvious Distress. "Oh," she says, "please, will you help me with my Dragon? It's been giving me so much trouble, and now it won't even turn off. Could you do that for me?" *** MORE ***
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