Flap. Flap. Flap. Ahhh. The Windy City. Seems like you've been flying grimly into a headwind forever. But here at last it is. You check the number on the door. 2305 Weetabix Drive, an unassuming Colonial two-story house, a minivan in the driveway. Yes, this is the place, all right. But where is he? The reek of expensive cigars draws your scaly nose inexorably towards a second-story window, slightly ajar. Peering in, you see him, hard at work on his taxes, in his office. His back is to you as he mutters and curses. You smile toothily to yourself, and daintily hook a claw under the eaves. Flap. Tear. The roof gives way easily. Your nemesis jumps to his feet, turns around, and looks through the hole where his roof used to be. He sees you and blanches. *** MORE ***
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