Very Old Dog
A new pet is a wonderful thing. It can bring light into the otherwise dull and dreary routine of a graduate student. Yes, a pet would be a welcome addition to your life. But not this weekend. Not when you are on the cusp of finishing your masters thesis. And especially not when the new pet is a small, yet incredibly energetic infant raptor dropped off in your apartment by your friend Jerome who absolutely assures you that it won't be any trouble at all and will be easy to train and you'll hardly even notice it and besides it'd being doing him a favor to take it off his hands and you owe him a favor or two and he's pulling them in meanwhile all you've got is a nearly finished thesis, a leash, and a sadistic and destructive dinosaur that just scratched up all of your CDs!!! Breathe. Breathe. VERY OLD DOG A Jurassic Housebreaking by Tony Delgado. (C) 2000. Type ABOUT for more information Release 1 / Serial number 000331 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 SD *** MORE ***
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