An Important Appointment
Ever since the day your grandparents first said, 'Stop poking me, mammal!' your kind has struggled toward this day. First, recognition as sentient beings, genetically-engineered clones or not...then a few property rights, then protections against unlawful exploitation...but this is the big one. If all goes well today, you will be the first Saurian-American citizen. Unfortunately, you're not off to a great start. As you were struggling into your clothes your lawyer phoned... 'Rara, we won't be able to pick you up, there was a water main break, all of midtown is flooded. We'll have to take another route down to the Federal Building. Can you make it there on your own?' An Important Appointment An Interactive Court Date Copyright (c) 2000 by Jennifer Earl Release 1 / Serial number 000331 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10 SD Apartment Your studio apartment is a little small, but the ceiling is nice and high, and you haven't that much to store, really, just a few clothes, the computer, the bed and the rabbit hutch. *** MORE ***
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