The X Chicken
Roadside Agents Mildew, Scaly, and you, Agent Monk, have been called in to investigate an incident in the midwestern plains. It seems a chicken has crossed a road to get to the other side. The mystery seems to be solved, but Agent Mildew has a bad feeling... The X Chicken A Chicken Comp IF Story by David A. Cornelson Betatesting by 'inky' Release 5 / Serial number 980614 / Inform v6.15 Library 6/7 D Roadside The roadside is dusty and dirty, with sand blowing all around you in little dust devils. The two lane road stretches east and west as far as the eye can see. Corn fields fill the horizon on boths sides of the road. You can see Agent Mildew, Agent Scaly and The Chicken here. >
\u = up arrow \d = down arrow \l = left arrow \r = right arrow
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